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Jolanta Jackowska might not be a household name, but she has made significant contributions in business. She is a Polish businesswoman and entrepreneur who has made major strides in the cosmetics industry. Many people are curious about her net worth and how she made her fortune. In this blog post, we will delve into 10 shock facts about Jolanta Jackowska’s net worth that you need to know.

Section 1: Early Life and Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Jolanta Jackowska started her career early and built her business from the ground up. She grew up in a humble family and attended Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where she majored in economics. After graduation, Jolanta started her entrepreneurial journey, where she sold women’s clothing in her hometown of Bielsko-Biała.

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Section 2: Founding of Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics

In 1983, Jolanta co-founded Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics, a high-end cosmetics brand, with her friend and co-founder, Irena Eris. The brand quickly gained popularity, and by 1993, they had opened their first flagship store in Warsaw.

Section 3: Net Worth from Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics

Jolanta Jackowska’s net worth mainly comes from her stake in Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics. The company is now listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization of around 1.3 billion PLN. Jolanta’s stake in the company is estimated to be worth around $130 million.

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Section 4: Expansion beyond Cosmetics

Aside from Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics, Jolanta Jackowska also holds shares in other businesses. She has a 46% stake in the software company Comarch, which is valued at around $1.4 billion. Additionally, she has investments in real estate, art, and antique collections.

Section 5: Philanthropic Work and Recognition

Jolanta Jackowska is known for her philanthropic work, and she has donated millions of dollars to charities over the years. In 2018, she was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta for her philanthropic efforts.

Section 6: Family Life and Interests

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Jolanta Jackowska is married and has three children. Her husband, Pawel Jarczewski, is also a successful businessman. In her free time, Jolanta enjoys skiing and is also an art collector.

Section 7: Controversies

Despite her success, Jolanta Jackowska has not been without controversy. In 2017, she was criticized for her ties to the Law and Justice party in Poland. She was accused of using her influence to promote the party and suppress dissent.

Section 8: 7 FAQs on Jolanta Jackowska’s Net Worth

Q1: What is Jolanta Jackowska’s net worth?

Jolanta Jackowska’s net worth is estimated to be around $130 million.

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Q2: What is Jolanta Jackowska’s most significant source of income?

Jolanta Jackowska’s main source of income is her stake in Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics.

Q3: What other businesses does Jolanta Jackowska have investments in?

Aside from Dr Irena Eris Cosmetics, Jolanta Jackowska has a 46% stake in Comarch and has investments in real estate, art, and antique collections.

Q4: What philanthropic work has Jolanta Jackowska done?

Jolanta Jackowska has donated millions of dollars to various charities and was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta in 2018 for her philanthropic efforts.

Q5: Is Jolanta Jackowska married?

Yes, Jolanta Jackowska is married to Pawel Jarczewski, who is also a successful businessman.

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Q6: What are Jolanta Jackowska’s interests outside of business?

Jolanta Jackowska enjoys skiing and is an art collector.

Q7: Has Jolanta Jackowska been involved in any controversies?

Jolanta Jackowska has been criticized for her ties to the Law and Justice party in Poland, with allegations that she promoted the party and suppressed dissent.


Jolanta Jackowska’s life story is an inspiration to many people, and her net worth is a testament to her hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. She continues to innovate and support various philanthropic causes, earning recognition and respect in the process. Whether you are interested in business, philanthropy, or just curious about successful women entrepreneurs, there is much to learn from Jolanta Jackowska.

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