June 22, 2022

On the streets or browsing through magazines There are various logos, however they are not all recognized by us. Why is this? One of the factors is the simplicity. In the reverse direction, can complexity solve all issues?

What is the term logo?

Logos are a crucial element of a well-constructed marketing strategy because they represent the business you run. A logo can assist in educating clients and potential partners about your company and at the same time, grabbing the attention of potential customers and stimulating their interest. This is a method to influence the attention of your customers.

Why should I pick a logo that is simple ? Do I really need to bother?


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Do logos have to be simple to create? There is majority of people agreeing that it is. A majority of people believe that a successful logo should be easy to duplicate by anyone. It’s funny to hear however, there are instances when people , after having criticized the design, say that, for instance they could have created the logo themselves a Painted.

In reality, there were a lot of tests that confirmed or disproved the theory that the majority of people were unable to draw the famous Apple logo. A lot of people don’t know what the other side is slightly. This is not even taking into consideration the fact that everyone’s drawing abilities differ for every person.

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In any event however, if the concept that drawing with memory can be true there is no way to prove it has any value. No one will ever need it so it’s not something you should think about.

But even the well-known expert David Airy in his book “Logo and corporate identity” discusses the logo’s design “The simpler the design is, the more effective. Then he follows that with the following assertion:

“Think of the logos of big corporations like Mitsubishi, Samsung, FedEx, BBC and so on. They are simple, and therefore recognizable.” The truth is that all logos are recognizable for reasons that differ in the sense that they’re everywhere in our lives.

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Take a look at the two Logos TinkoffBank as well as Raiffeisen Bank Two logos that have a similar color layout and scheme. They are also part of the same industry, which is to be described as “other equals”.

Here’s a an inquiry for you: could you say with certainty which of the following is one of the best?

For instance, I recall the Tinkoff logo better, but this is due to the fact that I’m their client and often see their logo than the Raiffeisen one.

Another example:

Note what it is that it appears it appears that the Starbucks logo has seen through the time. Did this help make it more well-known? It also increased the likelihood to be simplified because it was already known to everybody?

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In reality, the answers to both questions is yes. The most current version of Starbucks’ logo is better “recognizable” in part. But, it’s only in that it’s simple to distinguish from the many logos of coffee shops that have consciously copied the Starbucks corporate designs for decades. But, the most important thing in this case isn’t simply the simplicity but the fact that it’s now the most distinct it can be from other logos in regards to style.

In the end, they say, simple logos provide many advantages as in disadvantages. Before we get into their advantages, let’s define what “simple logo” means.

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What is “simple logo” mean?


There isn’t a clear definition that yet. Let’s try to come up with it by ourselves. It’s certainly subjective and it’s hard to draw the line between complicated and simple logo. It’s extremely challenging. Also, let us be sure that we’re referring to only the characters in graphic form that are employed in logos. We don’t even consider the inks.

The very initial definition of the word is

An easy logo one that has been created using the least amount of details and colors that is possible and yet be seen in a proper way.

The third (simpler):

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The #Simple Logo is an icon that is stylish however it is possible to shrink it to a size of 16.16 in x 16 pixels (the standard size of a favicon).

In the end, we didn’t give any details (what’s the minimum amount and what’s the highest extent of preservation? ) However, at a minimum there’s something.

As promised, we’ll discuss the advantages of simple logos as well as the reasons they should be utilized to create logos.

The benefits of using simple Logos

  • There is no reason for reducing the design to make it available at smaller size.
  • It is simpler for you to use it on a variety of more easily to various. It’s the initial step printing, but is also more important cutting, burning engraving and other similar techniques to use);
  • Simple logos are easier to comprehend and analyze.
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Here’s some more details on each of these factors.

The truth is that a logo’s basic design is the same regardless of whether it’s displayed on a billboard or even a ballpoint pen. something we should be grateful for. However, for a lot of brands, this does not take a huge role.

If the user sees the original design of the time, then when they view a simplified image of it, an favicon, it will link what they see to what they see. Resolution of screen at the moment is growing and allows for extremely detailed logos to be clear and distinct even within the tiny size of the header for instance.

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This shield has yellow and has white leaves. It is linked to with the bank: Tinkoff! A red star against a green background. And it’s beer – Heineken definitely!

It’s the same for less well-known brands:

The main thing here is that the person who comes in close contact with an abbreviated copy of the logo is acquainted with the initial version. This is the same for simple logos. You’ll only be able identify an image if you familiar with the name.

Another advantage of logos that are simple is the ease to apply in a variety of styles on different surfaces . But they can be useless to many companies. In the event of a disaster, this is solved using simpler versions.

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The third benefit , that it’s simpler for people to distinguish simple images is that a logo is more easily “scanned” as a whole than one with a more complicated style. The majority of the time, logos will be easily recognized and, most of the time, the basic concepts are enough. No one needs to remember an emblem down to the smallest detail.

For many people Many people, the Raiffeisen Bank logo is “something with crossed horse heads” and the Ticcoff logo is “something with a yellow shield and white leaves”. If there’s no one within these banks’ competitors with a logo that fits the description above, and they’re successful they’re doing a good job.

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That means the simpler your logo more simple, the easier it is for your customers to associate you with your brand. Even if a company has a complicated logo, consumers are only given a very fundamental idea of what’s within the image. So, the simpler your logo, the easier and effortless it will be to remember and to apply when it’s needed.

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