July 4, 2022

While walking along the streets or flipping through magazine pages We often come across many logos but not all are recognizable to us. But what is the cause? One of the factors is the simplicity. We our firm Turbologo take a examine why our design should remain simple, or in the opposite direction, will complexity solve every problem?

How do you define a logo?

A logo is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy. It is represents the image of your business. The logo helps communicate to customers and partners about your company, while also drawing their attention and sparking their an interest. This can be a method to influence your viewers.

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Why should I pick an uncomplicated logo? And should I even bother with it even at all?



Do you think a logo should be easy to design? There is an opinion that it definitely is. Many believe that a great logo should be simple to copy by anyone. It’s fun to think about it that, yet, there are times when these people , after critiquing the new logo, say that, for example, they could have drawn themselves into Painted.

In reality there were lots of tests conducted to prove or the hypothesis which revealed that many people don’t draw the iconic Apple logo. Many people don’t even know what side has been being bitten. That’s not even mentioning the fact that people’s drawing abilities differ.

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In any case, it were true that drawing from memory was real, it would not have any significance. Nobody will ever require it which is why it’s not really something to consider.

But, the most well-known name in the world of professional circles David Airy in his book “Logo and corporate identity” describes logo design “The less complicated the design, the more efficient. The book concludes with the following statement:

“Think of the logos of big corporations like Mitsubishi, Samsung, FedEx, BBC and so on. They are simple, and therefore recognizable.” In reality, all of these logos are well-known because of a different reason – they are everywhere every day in our lives.

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Check out these Logos TinkoffBank as well as Raiffeisen Bank Two logos that are similar in color scheme and composition, as well as belonging to the same world that is to say”other equals” “other equals”.

Then, here’s we have a question: Can you categorize which is the most memorable?

For instance, I can remember the Tinkoff logo more however, this is solely because I’m their customer and I see their logo more frequently than the Raiffeisen one.

Here’s a second illustration:

Take note of what you can see how the Starbucks logo has changed over time. However, did this increase its recognition? It was also more likely to be simplified easily since it was already known to all?

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Actually, the answer to both of these questions are positive. The most recent model of Starbucks’ logo is much more “recognizable” in part. However, it’s only because it is now much more easily identifiable from the hundreds of other logos for coffee shops which have unconsciously imitated Starbucks corporate design for years. However, the key point here isn’t its simplicity, but the fact that it’s today as distinct as it can be from all other logos in terms of design.

In the end, as it happens simple logos can have many advantages and drawbacks. Before we speak about them, let’s first establish exactly what “simple logo” means.

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What is “simple logo” mean?


There is no clear definition is available and we’ll have to come up with our own. Of course, it’s subjective, and making an obvious distinction between a complex and simple logos – extremely difficult. Let us also be sure that we’re talking about only the graphic characters in logos. In other words that we don’t consider the inscribed words.

The first definition is:

A simple logo is a logo that has the smallest number of specifics and colors as is possible, while being able to be perceived in a correct manner.

The 2nd one (simpler):

#Simple Logo is one of the logos that preserves its design as long as is feasible when it’s reduced to dimensions which is just 16 by 16 pixels (the typical size of a standard favicon).

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In the end, we didn’t provide any specifics (what’s the minimum amount of such preserving and what’s the maximum amount of conserving? ) However, at a minimum, it’s something.

We’re now, as promised, about the advantages of using simple logos and how they can be used to create logos.

The benefits of simple Logos

  • There is no need to simplify the logo to be used in smaller sizes.
  • Easy to apply to different surface. The first is, of course printing, but more important, cutting, burning, engraving and other similar techniques in application);
  • Simple logos are simpler to understand and to analyze.

A little more information on each one of the points.

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It is true that a basic logo will always look identical no matter the place it’s displayed on a billboard or the ballpoint pen, is definitely an excellent thing. But for several brands, this benefit doesn’t play an important part.

If they see the original design the majority often, when they see a simplified version of the logo in an favicon will continue to connect what they see to what. The resolution of screens in the present is increasing and allows extremely detailed logo to be visible and distinct even in the tiny dimensions of the header, for instance.

The shield is yellow with leaves of white, and it’s got something to do to the banking institution – Tinkoff! A red star against an green background. And it’s beer – Heineken definitely!

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It’s the same even with brands that are not well-known:

Naturally, the most important factor to note is the fact that the individual who comes in proximity to the abbreviated form of the logo has already been familiar with the standard version. The same goes for logos that are simple You can only identify a logo if already know about it.

The other benefit of simple logos is the ease of applying it in various ways on various surfaces could also be insignificant to a lot of brands. In the worst case it is possible to solve everything by using an easy version.

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The third benefit is that it’s easier to identify simple images – is that a logo that is simple is more quickly “scanned” as a whole than a complex logo. However, in general terms they will be recognized rapidly – and in many instances the generalities are sufficient. Nobody needs to be able to recall an emblem down to the smallest of details.

For many people, many, the Raiffeisen Bank logo is “something with crossed horse heads” and the Ticcoff logo is “something with a yellow shield and white leaves”. If there’s no one within these banks’ rivals that has a logo that matches these words that’s why they’re successful.

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This means that the less complicated your logo is, the easier it is for customers to keep in mind your name. Even if a business has a more complex logo, the customers have only the most basic idea of what’s displayed in the logo. The simpler your logo is, the easier you will be able to remember and utilize at the appropriate time.

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